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God Head: And then there was art

Since our trip to The Gambia where we purchased our first artwork by a local artist, we've consciously been looking at adding to our art collection. Last Thursday we were fortunate enough to be at the private viewing of Cut & Run at the Kemistry Gallery in Old Street.

Some great work there by all the artists, mostly in the style of South Park, but one (actually two, we're negotiating on the pair) caught my eye, so we've decided to purchase it. It's this piece by artist Jack Teagle:
God's Head Painting

It's connected with me at a level no other painting has. I'm unsure whether it appeals to my iconoclasm, or my militant atheist/antitheism bent. Either way, I love it, and in acrylic paint, it's beautiful. I think it'll be most at home at the top of the stairs.