Galapagos - Day five

Our final bit of a day on the boat.  As we'd been anchored all night, it was a restful night sleep.  The passing shot from Mauricio was the 0530 alarm.  Not a single lay in all trip! Boo!  In usual fashion, I woke thirty minutes before and spent a while reading on the upper deck.

After a one minute dingy ride, and a dry landing, we arrived on land at North Seymore Island.  The main purpose of this trip was to see the breeding grounds of the Frigate bird.

These are beautiful birds, who were in the mood for lurve.  The males, when courting, inflate their gula pouches (I've coined them 'throat nuts'; Reagan prefers  'throat scrote'); a gula pouch is a bright read sack under their beaks (I seem to have misplaced my pictures of the last day, arse. Will post later.).

Not long after we landed, we had to make our way back over to the boat in order to get to the airport on time for our flight.  We were a short, ~30 min, journey from Baltra Island.

When we'd come to a stop, and before disembarking, a small dinghy laden with gun wielding men headed in our direction.  Could they be pirates, coming to pillage us?  But no, it was just the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa.  So I did what any self respecting British tourist would do: waved like a loon, until he waved back.

At the airport we found there was a long wait for our flight. Luckily for the staff on the boat, they'd booked into the earlier flight so had no hanging around.  Lucky them.

The flight back to Quito was uneventful, and once there, we started preparing for the next leg of our trip: The Inca Trail