Introducing Kevin

As a family, we have been talking about a doggy joining us.

The pandemic put things on hold as we know how important early socialisation is for puppy development. As we were heading out of our lock-downs and with vaccination rates on the rise, we started looking.

We found a reputable Goldendoodle breeder in Southampton - council licensed, good environment, happy previous owners (I called a few) - and spent an afternoon with them all, along with a few other trips down to see how they were all getting on.

At eight weeks of age, we adopted Kevin:

Prancing in the meadow

Coming from a breeding of a standard poodle and a golden retriever, and being one of the largest of the litter, he's expected to grow to between 35-40kg.  Fun fact: in his first 10 weeks with us, he's gone from 4.5kg to just over 16kg; quite a growth rate!

Kevin is a chilled and relaxed dog. He has wild times, tearing around the house but otherwise he's cuddly and playful without being over the top.

Training is going well. He's got the basics down, and most of the time he's a delight to walk on leash - little to no pulling. Our young children have been able to walk him unaided, which they loved.

He's a lovely addition to the family, and we're excited for the adventures we'll be having over the coming years.

Kevin, being Gen Alpha, of course has an Instagram account and he'd be delighted if you followed his antics.