Quito - Day 1

We arrived in Quito after a very straight forward 3 plane journey which took us via Madrid and Guayquail.  The agent from GAP Adventures was there to meet us at the airport and the hotel was only a 20 minute journey from there.

We're up on the 9th floor with great views over the city, and have plumped for the $7/day internet charge.  For that, we're getting approximately 3k/s. Awesome.  The room itself is lovely, two large single beds, walk-in wardrobes and floor to ceiling windows.  It comes with a safe which is large enough to house everything including the netbook! Result!

After a much needed shower, we headed into town to look for something to eat.

I'm shocked at the number of children there are working on the streets - doing everything from shoe shining to selling cigarettes (really, I had a 4y/o asking if I wanted to buy some cigarettes!).  The shops here are all the same, selling either clothes, electrical items, or motorbikes.

Trying to find some good places to eat has proven tricky.  There are loads of food places, mostly selling Chinese food or some variation of chicken and chips.  Eventually we settled on an Italian place.  After some assistance from some English people we met, food was ordered and drink was drunk.

With full stomachs we wandered back to the hotel for a little nap.

We woke 18 hours later, and it was day 2.  And we started on the beer at 8am.