Reflections from a trip to South America

Just after I returned from Peru, I posted that I'd learned a number of things on the trip, but I'd hold off writing about them until I'd processed all the pictures and written most of the posts.  Well, I still need to write about the Inca trail, but here goes anyway.

This is what I learned about myself while away (some of which I've already addressed)

  1. I eat far too much.  We were hiking for around 8 hours a day, and ate small, but healthy, portions of food.  The food provided was more than enough to sustain us for the trek.  To compare, I would think nothing of eating 500g mince with spaghetti for dinner (to myself).  Given my fairly sedentary lifestyle, this is obscene.
  2. I love reading, but most things I read these days are in the form of ebooks/pdfs, and trying to read while on a laptop doesn't work, as in inevitably I'm chatting online, or responding to email too.  I need to make more time to read for pleasure, and available in a form which doesn't require my laptop turned on.
  3. There is no need to fill the silence.  Sometimes it's really good to be sitting with a group of people, and not have anyone say anything.  While in the Galapagos, there was a time where all seven of us were on the deck of the boat.  We'd been swimming with sea lions, and were now sailing between the islands and we all sat there, enjoying our surroundings, in silence, for probably twenty or thirty minutes.  It was beautiful.
  4. Anything I want to do, I can.  And if I want to do something then I should do it to the best of my abilities, anything less is  a disservice.

Only four things, but important ones to me, anyway.

Since returning, I'm adjusting my eating habits and being restrained in what I'm consuming;  I have even been keeping a diary to shame me out of eating too many unhealthy things.  So far, it's working.

I've purchased an e-book reader too, so I can read all I want, without going near a computer other than to upload the e-books.  It's great.

And I'm spending more of my time in quiet mode, and am taking up some hobbies.

Life is good.